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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Gyms are for people to workout!

I have really been out of it! Let me see...
The weekend was so-so. I turned 26 on Saturday and went out to the beach with my dad. On sunday I went to my meeting and then hung out with my husband because it was his day off. So no gym time... I really felt bad yesterday (monday).... it's so hilarious... for the past week and a half I have been driving by the new gym everyday to see if it's open yet... seriously everyday... However I totally forget on the day of it's grand opening (Monday). I felt horrible yesterday and just came home from work and went to sleep. Today, as I was walking out the door I just happened to remember it and thought... grab my workout clothes.. Well (and here's why it's awesome to have a gym between work and home) I was driving home when I saw the gym and thought... oh yeah I'm suppose to go. And it was exactly what I needed. I was so peeved today and it just felt good to workout.
The gym is so interesting. I guess you could call me a people watcher.... but I felt like I was in high school all over again... We got the certain groups of guys hanging around the certain weights.... trying to impress the ladies... who aren't really there to work out.... they just dress up in really cute workout clothes.. and all get on some machines while they laugh and snicker at the guys at the weights.... They jump on and off different machines and don't even work up a sweat! Obviously they are at the gym for a different reason than me.... but could they please stay off the machines! The gym is inside a not so popular mall.... and it's actually a hang out place for the teenagers who don't have cars... Guess I just gotta put up with it. I'm still so happy that it's between home and work.
Another thing that came to mind... that really upset me. My husband likes to poke my stomach fat. It drives me crazy. Well on sunday we were at our meeting (Church synagogue.. whateva floats your boat) and he started poking me again. I really hate it. It's like attention is being drawn there... and well if it's not I guess it's like it doesn't exist?!?!?! Anyways we get home and we are ordering chinese food (yes I was good) and he starts telling me that he was thinking I should go back to the weight loss doctor. He told me that he was thinking about it during out meeting today. I am being too sensitive? I feel like I'm not getting the right support. He told me before that my size didn't use to bother him, but after I lost 35 pounds and gained it back.... it really bothers him now. So now... I'm ordering chinese food... and I don't wanna even eat around him. I feel like he's watching my every bite. He keeps asking how my weight loss is going... and I feel like a failure already... so this isn't helping. But, I just blew a gasket... I was like... 'What do you think about this stuff all the time?' I don't want him to look at me and think... man she needs to lose weight... I want him to look at me and love the woman he married. Am I being too sensitive here? Am I crazy? Arugula..
Well... good news... It's biggest loser night! I'm gonna go watch it right after I'm done here. I really love that show and wish I could go on it. I would win too.... if I wasn't voted off. I really am competitive and love to do things in groups. I printed out the application before to do it... but you had to be a family... (this was when they first introduced families) then it could be couples... and well no one wanted to try with me.. and now I'm at a place in life where I can't do it. Who would pay the bills? NBC?
Oh so I weighed in the morning... deadon the same thing. However on my sides where my ribs are I'm starting to get a little chiseled. I decided I would join in with everyone and do monthly totals... but since I did my measurements last week.. I'm going to wait until the end of Feb to do them.
I hope everyone is having a healthy day!
Love Always,

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  1. Hi Amberly... first let me start off by saying I love your name and your attitude!
    I too have been trying to lose weight successfully (seems like all my life) so I'll just say forever...
    Might I say you're beautiful inside as well as on the outside and never forget it :)

    I wanted to tell you about a book I read that you might like. It's just a suggestion. It really put me in the mind frame I needed to be in. It's written by Georgene Collins and is called Obesity Free Forever. It touches on the Emotional eating topic, as well as healthy eating ideas.
    The best thing I like most about this book is it's not a diet. That word is pretty much a swear word! This is a permanent weight solution. And you learn how to keep a diary (much like you are with this blog) to track your progress. This I find really helps as it's a motivation for you to continue your ongoing progress.
    Anyways I hope you consider my suggestion. I really hope you like it if you do!

    Take care and I'd love to check your progress to see how you're doing.

    Regards, Chrissy