The Beginning

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eye Opener!

Thanks everyone for their comments!

Well Day 1 of my GoWear lifestyle... and it's really awesome. In fact... and eye opener!
One quick note... if anyone is looking to invest in one... I have the GoWear Fit which cost me $259 (free shipping through Amazon) however... I just went to to see when my Biggest Loser was gonna start airing again (March 2nd for all you fans) and they were advertising the Body Bugg for $249.. which is cheaper than it was (somewhere around $350).

.... Back to my awesome day. I woke up, made breakfast and was out the door. I went to work and did my thang... however, I decided to do 10 squats between each of the 10 orders I had to process. I got so into it... sometimes I did more. So I ended with 120 squats done at work. Once I left I had to go by the sporting goods store to pick some shinguards up for the man in my life. On my way I went to drop a package off at a UPS drop box... the guy was already there like 15 minutes early. I walked up to the truck and was like "knock knock" and he was laying on the floor in the cargo area... He was like 'Hello' and I made a comment about him being early and taking a break... and he said that he finished his lunch early so that when he got to each of his stops he could do some sittups and pushups... LOL... I think everyone's got the bug!

After my little excursion I met my husband and we got in the car for SOCCER!!! It turns out they have an adult pick-up team that plays 2 twice a week and we figured that we could join that first and then possibly join teams in the Fall. It was great!! Accept I starting having problems with my knee and I ball bounced off a goal post hit my shin and then went right into the other teams goal :o( It was quite a laugh though.

I got home and inputted all my info for my food for the day and plugged in my GoWear Fit so it uploaded all my activity to the computer. And here's how it goes:

Calories Burned 3516
Calories Consumed 1873
Balance (Deficit) 1643 <- That's more than 1/2 a lb!!!!!
Physical Activity 2 Hrs 7 min (Moderate 1 Hr 25 min) (Vigorous 37 min)
Steps 8248

AWESOME!!! Now I get to see what it says about when I sleep... And while being on the computer... I've burned 99 calories in the last hour. Coolness

One thing that it has been making me think about is the amount of activity I do. For instance today at work I was thinking... hmmm if I make a trip the restroom now (instead of when I was leaving like I sometimes do) then I'll have to come back here to finish up and then leave... it will add steps... lol.

Another eye opener is that I have been completely tracking my calories with all the foods I eat (yesterday and today) and I can't believe how much I was up to... when I thought I was doing good. Today was awesome at 1873 (GoWear says I should eat 2390). Yesterday I was at 2090... which is still good according to GoWear but had you had asked my how many I THOUGHT I ATE.. I woulda spun off something like 1500-1600 calories...

Well guys I think that's all I got left in me. Have a good rest, and a wonderful Thursday!
Love Always,


  1. I've been considering treating myself to a GoWear or a BB...So expensive, though. But I'm glad you like the GoWear! :-)

  2. Way to work out AT WORK! :) so smart! & so time efficient!

  3. That's so awesome that device is giving you so much info! I'd also like to know how much good sleep I actually get!

  4. Wowza! That sounds so cool. I'm kind of jealous. It just seems like a lot but I'll follow your progress and see if my opinion changes :)

  5. Sounds like you had a great day!! Kep it up!!

  6. I just found you through Healthy You Challenge and wanted to say that your GoWear sounds very cool, and if it helps you stay motivated to make healthy changes, so much the better.