The Beginning

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I gotta feelin.....

that today's gonna be a good day!
And it was! I love that song by Black Eyed Peas... I think it's one of those songs that will never get old or over played for me...

Here we go, here we go.....

Okay Okay... you've probably got the song memorized too! So I had a stellar day. I had a great breakfast and a great Linner.. (Lunch and dinner). I got this soup from Carrabba's Tomato Basil ... and it is beautiful. It has about 230 calories per cup... (I had two) and then I had a grilled chicken ceasar without caesar dressing. I made my own homemade pomegrante infused one. It's pretty awesome too.

I had Linner at my mom's house so on my way home... I was like I'm going to the gym. (This is a good thing... normally it's like I want an ice cream sandwich) So I went in a did an hour on the elliptical machine. It was great another 625 calories... gone... whoo hoo... I love it. I did the same thing yesterday. Afterward I did a few machines and called it a night... and I was hurting... a good hurt. I usually go to the gym every other day.... and now I know why. I feel so empowered though. I was at 45 minutes and I was thinking... "Man I feel great!" Then I thought... "okay maybe it's time to stop"... then I was like "Whoa... if I like it so much why do I wanna stop?"
The last 15 min was a bite difficult... but I made it and I'm still alive!

Something I came to realize... is the value of exercise. It took me an hour to burn off 600 calories. While I was at the gym I was going through in my mind trying to figure out how many calories the soup I ate was (I know I know wrong time to be thinking about these things) But I started thinking about things that I like... let's take for instance that ice cream sandwich.. it's actually one of those Toll House Cookie Sandwichs Yum! It has 500 calories it it. I could woof one of those down in minutes... yet it would take me nearly an hour to work it off. Doesn't seem quite as worth it as it use to before when I was unaccountable for my actions. Not saying I will never have one again... but I know I won't be eating several in an entire week (or sitting). Every time I look at that Ice Cream Sandwich I'm going to be thinking..."That will be an hour in the gym" Interesting huh... I'm starting to value my hard work.... (this is one of my random topics going through my mind while I was trying not to watch the timer on the elliptical....)

OHHHHHH BTW Unofficially I lost weight! I finally broke 222! But this is all unofficial until I weigh in on Tuesday. I'm excited though!

I have decided to start really focusing on me more. Call me Selfish... but I need to spend more time with me, and doing things for me. So last night while watching Biggest Loser I did my nails. This started making me think of things in a different light... like what else do I do for me. I use this Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash... that just makes me feel awesome. I am making time for myself to go to the gym. I'm also making time for myself to read. This weekend I think I may go and get a spa pedicure... it has been so long (and I feel really sorry for the lucky person who gets to touch my feet)... okay they aren't that bad.. but they have been pedicureless for a couple of months now. I'm still working on my rewards system.. for all the new readers who didn't read my blog last month about it... I didn't want to focus solely on numbers... i.e if I lose X number of pounds I get ________. This may work for a lot of people and I'm not knocking it... it just doesn't really work for me that well. While I'm sure that I'm gonna have a huge party when I hit the 199 mark... lol I'm still gonna focus on other things. For instance I'm thinking of setting up my schedule weekly of my planned workouts and for every week that passes by and I stay on target... I would like to treat myself... nothing huge or big... just something special. I'll get back to you more on that.

Right now.. I'm relaxing with my sleepy time tea and is awesome. I love this pampering thing...

I hope everyone's day was successful! More Tomorrow!
Love Always,

Thanks Chrissy for the comment yesterday. I will definitely check that book out... as you know I love to read... Thanks for reading.. I hope that you find it inspiring.... Let me know if you have a blog.


  1. That's how I am since I've started counting calories. I look at the calories and ask myself if eating it is worth the time it's going to take to work it off. Great blog, I'm a new follower!

  2. I defintily have to do that as well sometimes to avoid eating something so small with such a high number of calories! It's I really want to spend an EXTRA hour just so I can eat this? .. Nope..not really! It works. :)

    As for rewards, you definately gotta do what works for you! I do it by numbers, but you can do it by, let's say.. being able to fit in a smaller jean size! WOOO! Or staying within the calorie range that you wanted to for the week! Whatever pushes you best!

  3. I've been thinking about food and exercise too. It's amazing how much I used to stuff my face with! Exercise can be fun. Those edorphins are kicking in!