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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where have I been?.... Sleeping

Well... I finally log some hours in sleeping! I'm glad. I'm gonna hit the hay in a little bit and sleep in a little on Sunday.

I got home tonight and was ready to put on my running shoes.... when I noticed this foul odor.... as I stepped closer and closer to the culprit... I realized my Pitbull... couldn't quite hold it.... which means my husband probably didn't let the dogs out when he got home... Figures... So I let the dogs outside while I cleaned up... and then of course stepped in a puddle of magic yellow stuff.... I was so ticked... I cleaned it up and got out the Mop and started warm water, added bleach and fabuloso. I let that fill up as I brought the dogs back in and (after cleaning my foot) I went into my bedroom to get another pair of socks... I walked out and my pitbull (Bella... no not after the Twilight movie... I know you didn't ask but I'm sure you were thinking it) Bella had thrown up about 5 times in 5 different areas (thank God we have tile floors) I WAS SO TICKED.... obviously it wasn't her fault and I didn't take it out on her or anything. I let the dogs out and cleaned up the mess... and by the way... she threw up 4 more times outside. My poor baby.... I went outside and held her for a while and rubbed her belly. That seems to always work... Love makes the sickness go away. So I just got finished mopping the entire floor. (I got home at 10pm and it is now 2am, I'm a bit of a neat freak... and ughh doggie germs)

Other news... I was gonna mop the floors anyway because I got a new rug. World Market went out of business near us and how a 60% off sale... Lemme just say most of their stuff was gone... but I made out like a villian with some wild loot. I got 2 rugs and a papasan cushion and some really awesome salad bowls. Then I went over the Kirklands and they were having a massive sale on all kinds of stuff that I actually like. I had a $75 gift card as a gift from when I got married ( a year and 2 months ago lol... I'm glad they don't expire). I got some awesome decor for the kitchen and two pillows for the couch. It's coming together nicely. We've been on a really tight budget lately... so it was really nice to get some things with out spending a whole lotta money.

Other news... I had this really weird (maybe paranoid) feeling that I could've been pregnant. I didn't have any signs or symptoms... but I dunno I just felt weird.. and I had started gaining a little weight (when I started at 230 prior to that I was 212). Well last Saturday I got my monthly visit... except it hasn't visited in 4 months... (not a big deal I have PCOS, so I'm use to it) and I haven't been on Birth Control since July/August of last year... no medical insurance and waiting for my husbands to kick in in January. (I'm about to go to the OBGYN soon) Now that you know all that about me... I have a point. If I happened to have been pregnant and had a miscarriage (by the way it would've only been at most 2 weeks) I just thought.... wow... see what this unhealthy lifestyle is doing to me. I was doing some reading up on insulin resistant babies... and how they almost always miscarry... and I thought man if I were trying to have a baby right now... it may not have a chance... and I would be a wreck if I carried one and then it miscarried (especially if it was close to full term). Then I started thinking... what if it was born.... diabetic, because of me. I already know because of my predisposed condition that my child will always have a risk of it.... but oh man... the tears are starting again. Not only is this journey to a healthier new me of utmost importance for me.... when I do have children (and I'm planning on it) it's gonna be important for them also.

I've fallen off the wagon this past week. Last I looked (wednesday) I hadn't gained anything... but I haven't been exercising. Don't worry I'm back on point. I'mnot sure why I lost my zeal. At least lemme tell you that I didn't go overboard... I still followed my newly learned behaviors... cept I slipped a few times on the eating when you first wake up in the morning thing. I also did have more carbs than I have allowed myself to have.

Oh and I forgot to tell you!!!! The soccer team contacted me. I have to submit an application through the official team website... and then they will call me for tryouts... and best thing yet this team hasn't started playing yet! They also have some COED teams... and my husband is thinking of joining also. I'm so excited!!!

And... I also found out that the college that I sorta attend right now is having their 5th annual 5K run on March 21.... now I would be finished training until March 26... so I'm not sure if I'm gonna do it... but that would be 2 Saturdays in a row.... think I can do it... I'm sure I can... I just gotta get focused.

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for listening (reading) and being there for me. I enjoy reading everyone's comments.. and I only hope I can be as much inspiration as you have been for me. I feel like I a support group 24/7... this is better than WW!
I love all of you guys!
Love Always


  1. I agree - blogging support IS wonderful. And combined with Weight Watcher's we have a win-win situation.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Aww I'm sorry your dog wasn't feeling well! =( I am glad you got some sleep though, finally! I bet that felt really good.

    Also I totally think you can do the 5K! Even if you walked half of it, you would still have so much fun and probably be glad you did it.

    Happy Valentine's Day... and we love you too! =)