The Beginning

Monday, February 22, 2010

Whoa I feel good!

Thanks everyone for their comments! On a good note... I had a 1/2 of the vanilla butterfinger ice cream in the freezer and guess what!!! It's still in there.... Last night I went into the kitchen after writing my last blog entry and thought "man I'm hungry".... then I questioned myself "Am I really"... "nope..." Then I headed to bed and didn't even give it a second thought.

Whoa... I'm on some kinda high... it's legal don't worry. I've really been proud of myself. I'm pushing myself and I'm seriously lovin' it. Every time I make a good decision... every time I go to the gym.... It adds to this high.

So I still have yet to log my calories for the weekend. I'm gonna get on... gotta be accountable.
Today I went to the gym and practically had to fight off this woman for a treadmill. She totally took the one I was waiting for... and gave me this mean look. Don't worry hunny... Karma... it will come back and bite you in the butt. I remember a time when I woulda just looked at all the machines seen they were all full and thought... "oh well... next time" Now I'm fighting for one!! I told my husband tonight that it is official "I am a runner" Haha

I was a bit confused on my workout for week 2 of my couch to 5k workout. I was suppose to go 20 Min: 1 min walk/2minute jog.... but somehow I got something confused... so instead of going for 20 minutes I went for 30... Talk about over achieving!

My dad even complimented me on how great I'm starting to look. My dad really isn't the 'pay attention to details type' .... in fact he said absolutely NOTHING about my hair.... which is a shocker. But he told me to keep up playing soccer, and that he could see the muscle in my calves. Good enough for me. Last year I went from 254lbs to 192lbs (and then I gained a crap load back) but my dad didn't even notice! It use to be I'd go on a diet and he would sabotage it (unknowingly) by always wanting to go out to eat at places that it would be difficult for me... (and as I am walking proof) I always caved and would think "I'll start tomorrow". Now I have a voice. I can speak up and say.... nope that's not really healthy for me, and my father... he also thinks ahead for places that I can actually eat. Score! Love it when people join the team!

I'm feeling so good!!! I hope you all can feel the energy and let it captivate you! Keep up the good work everyone! Have a great Tuesday!

Love Always,

Saurday Stats:
Calories Burned 2508
Calories Consumed To be determined
Balance (Deficit) 2508 as of right now.. lol
Physical Activity 35 min (Moderate 35 min) (Vigorous 0 min)
Steps 5069

Rest Day

Sunday Stats:
Calories Burned 3081
Calories Consumed To be determined
Balance (Deficit) 0 as of right now
Physical Activity 1 Hr 24 min (Moderate 62 min) (Vigorous 22 min)
Steps 10345

Day 4 of Operation Couch to 5k in 6 weeks:
20 Min on Treadmill - 1 Min Jog @ 4.5 / 1 Min Walk @3.0 (alternate for 20 Min.
5 minute cooldown


  1. At my gym when a woman stole another woman's treadmill she pulled the plug on her! While she was on the treadmill! LOL! I am not saying that you should go to that extreme but if it happens again you should punch no I kid I kid. VGlad to hear that you are doing well!

  2. You're doing great! I'm thinking of starting up running too!