The Beginning

Monday, February 08, 2010

I Caved.....

I caved.... but I caved BIG TIME. One one side of the spectrum .. I was under my calorie allotment and in good shape.... on the other side... Peanut Butter is particularly in my eating regime right not. It isn't an everyday thing... (at least after today) But I am so glad that it was healthier than eating a huge thing of Edy's Ice Cream.. that still taunts me on the TV (How does it always know what shows I watch?). So after my last post.... I had yet another PBWWB (Peanut Butter on Whole Wheat Bread)... except I added Jelly.

On Saturday... I slept in and just vegged around for the day. My hubby and I went and got BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) Again! I did pretty good... but I wasn't satisfied.... until later when I made myself another PBWWB with Jelly... I was under calories for the day but I didn't exercise at all... so I feel like I'm in good shape. And on a little side note... my glucose level started dropping! I really didn't know why it spiked.... and then it hit me saturday night..... my monthly came and sometimes that drives your glucose levels up. It had me freaking out though wondering what was going on. And... even with all this Jelly all of a sudden on the scene it hasn't affected my sugar levels.. .and I promise you that the Jelly isn't sugar free (I can't stand the stuff)
And with that side note I'm also a little bummed... because I'm showing a bit of a gain due to bloatedness. I'm happy though.. I'm happy my sugar level is coming back... and I'm happy that I am physically able to go beneath 222lbs.

So I got up this afternoon on Sunday. (Yes another sleep in day and it was just so good) I got up and around made myself a quick PBWWB and got a little piece of gouda cheese (I know the way I eat one would think I'm pregnant but I'm not lol) and I was out the door to go pick up my friend Amanda her daughter Kate and Amanda's boyfriend Aaron. We went over the the Magic Kingdom. It's pretty cool outside... in the 40's so we bundled up and walked all around the park. It was quite nice... but I stupidly forgot my pedometer. I know I busted out 10,000 steps today... we did a lot of walking. I also had a good cheeseburger.... I actually thought it was the best choice... with all the other choices available... but I was mistaken. I didn't do enough research on what options I had... so another lesson learned.... although again.. I'm not over my calories for the day. When we left there at 10pm... I was mad hungry but the only things open are fast food and I'm not too keen on at this stage in my life... so I decided to go home and make................................ grilled chicken, fresh green beans and a huge salad. And you thought I was gonna say PBWWB.. lol.... no lie I actually thought of it.

When I bought the loaf of break on friday, I thought it's so big I won't finish it and have to throw it out.... definitely not the case. It had 16 slices in it... I think there's only 6 left!

This week I've decided to exercise Mon - Fri and take Sat and Sun off. I think I enjoy it more that way. So Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I plan on doing 60 minutes or cardio and the 30 minute circuit. Then on Tuesday and Thursday my plan is to do 20 minutes of the other elliptical that kicked my butt, and then about 30 minutes of the spin bikes. Thursdays are a bit tricky so I may not to get to spend that much time at the gym. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Hope everyone one is having a nice and healthy weekend.. and starts off a great week!
Love Always,


  1. I think you are really getting the hang of this healthy thing. It's not getting to the optimum now, but being able to maintain the healthy choices you are already making. Seems to me you've got it!

  2. Upside... there's a lot of protein in PB!