The Beginning

Saturday, February 06, 2010

My weakness of the day

Just checking in....
I'm still in a rut with the whole glucose thing :o( Exercise and Diet aren't helping it go down... so I'm gonna monitor it for a while longer and then possibly go to the doctor.
Friday... pretty good day.. I ate awesome until after my workout....
I went into the gym and started on the Elliptical... I had no time constraints so I thought I'd do an hour and then we'll see.... Well the first 25 minutes was a piece of cake... then I died getting to 30... then I pushed myself to 35... and then once I got to 40 I told myself that was enough. It wasn't a justification on my part, nor a 'giving in'.... It was a respect for my body. Today my legs turned to Jello.... (A small clarification from yesterday's post... I made the comment that 'I hurt.... but it's a good hurt' When I wrote that I was thinking of the song 'Hurts so good'... well it actuality I meant that I ache... but a good ache... It's one of those I know I did really awesome and I'm building muscle kinda aches.. I definitely don't wanna do too much too fast... And I want to avoid injury at all cost.) So back to 'my legs were Jello' seriously.. I thought all right body... I hear you. I'm going to take tomorrow off and possibly Sunday (if my plans aren't cancelled).

However... unofficially.... I'm on my next goal to 215!!!!! I reached 220 today ... unofficially speaking.

So I mention I was on target today until after I got out of the gym... Well I went to the grocery store hungry like a retard (I don't know why I was hungry I've been eating my norm) So I'm scouring the aisles looking for dried cherries (they are awesome on salads with my pomegrante homemade dressing) when low and behold.... there is peanut butter.... and a few steps more and there is the rich aroma of bread.... and right in front of me.... is the perfect beverage of choice to wash it all down... MILK.... oh dear.... I got them too.... I caved... I mean it was better than a candybar... or that Edy's Ice Cream that kept flashing in front of my face while I was on the elliptical.... so I came home and made myself a peanut butter and whole wheat bread (PBWWB) sandwich with milk.... then my hubby came home and brought food... I ate really good... and then I was out in the kitchen making myself another one of my PBWWB with some milk...

Now right now... I'm pretty full... but for some reason It's calling my name right now... And I can literally stuff one with no problem what so ever... I just keep reminding myself that I don't want to undo all the awesome work I've done this week. ARUGULA

Well I hope everyone is making wonderful healthy choices... hopefully I'm one of them!
Love Always,


  1. Control yourself. You've been doing so great, just keep it up!

  2. I love peanut butter. I haven't had it for a long time. Just think of how hard those minutes were on the elliptical. Good luck!