The Beginning

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who said Tuesday can't be a Monday?

Well I did it... I mustered up enough courage to begin running on a treadmill!!! (well jogging... same difference) Today has been a pretty awesome day. I was down 1.2... not too shabby... but I want it to go lower. I ate breakfast (the first time in like a week and a half... I know, I know... just shoot me) and then I headed into work. I made the decision to stop clowning around and that I was going to the gym no ifs, ands or butts. After I finished up at work and had a great lunch (salad, green beans, and turkey breast) then I headed over to the gym. I got on a treadmill and never looked back.

I started by doing a 3 minute warmup @ 3.2 and then I started thinking... whats a good speed to jog at.... I looked at the guy next to me who was @ 4.5 and thought... works for me. It was awesome. I did 1 min jog/1 min walk for 20 minutes. It was over so quickly!!! Although about half way through I had to lower my walk time to 2.9 just because my calves were killing me... rock hard baby. Afterwards I did about 15 minutes on the bike just to work legs in a different way. Day 1 accomplished!!! (Accept it's actually suppose to be my day 2... so I gotta make it up on one of my days off... Who said Tuesday can't be Monday?)

BTW... IT"S HERE!!!! As I was leaving for work when the mail came and low and behold... the thing I've been waiting for all week(end)... my GoWear Fit system!!! I'm about to bust this bad boy out and get cracking!

Today was nice... I got up and had some sense of ambition... something I have been majorly lacking for the past week. More tomorrow
Here's to your Health


  1. WooHoo! 1.2 is pretty fab! Can't wait to hear about your great gym trips ;)

  2. Great loss and way to go with the running! That is the pace I started at. Keep it up!


  3. Oh, Amberly! You're going to love your GoWearFit!!!! I looooooove mine!!!!! Though, I'd laid down to read on the couch last night, and for a few minutes, it thought I was sleeping.

    Though, I will warn you that if your credit card expires during your contract with them & you change your payment method, it will take a long time and multiple emails to their customer service to correct it and let you back into the service.

  4. OHHH! That running/walking combo, I've heard is the BEST for your body, because you are mixing it up! I have yet to get myself to run on the treadmill but I better get a move on because one of my February goals is to run 10 mins straight! AHHHH. :) haha anyway. KEEP IT UP! & keep eating breakfast little miss!

  5. I'm so excited for you! I wish I could get that GoWear Fit thing!