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Friday, February 05, 2010

U Jellin' More like Jelly!

Well today was another great day! Yesterday I squeezed in gym time because I figured that I wouldn't be able to make it today. Well... I did make it today... and let me tell you! I was rushing though... I walked in the gym at 5:45pm and hopped on the the first machine that was open... which happened to be this awesome machine that literally kicked my butt. It's called a Cybex Elliptical Trainer... but it's not like all the other ellipticals I'm use to. This one feels like I'm standing and doing knee ups (where you bring one knee up to your chest and back down then repeat with the other leg.. over and over again) I was dying. I made it to 20 minutes... however because of my time crunch I got off it then.... but don't worry... I'll master it another day! I also did the 30 minute circuit... minus all the step boxes. (I'm on a time crunch remember) Then I jumped in the car... got home, let the dogs out, showered, dressed, and was on the road to my Thursday night meeting.

I hadn't planned on squeezing in a workout but I had a bit of a freak out this morning. It actually started yesterday at my moms. We were talking about a woman she works with who has PCOS and a lot of the same problems that I have... however she's not diabetic (that she knows of.....yet). So we were discussing all this and this morning I woke up and decided I better check my glucose level to see where I was. (Actually.... I was doing it to be smug because I had been doing so great!) Well it read 154. For all those of you who do not know what that means.... It's not good. A person's sugar/glucose level should be between 60 - 100 (according to the guidelines during 2009). My doctor said (before the new 2009 guidelines) told me that when your glucose level is 150 or above the sugar begins dumping out in your urine. In other words... your blood is full of sugar and your body is trying to figure out how to get rid of it.

So I'm freaking out... On Monday I had some white pasta (the devil's food) and I had a little dessert.... but this is crazy... that was Monday and this was Thursday morning. I had been on target Tues and Wed and hardly had ANY sugar intake. PLUS I had spent 3 hours at the gym between both days... and each of those days was a solid hour of cardio... how could this be? PLUS the last meal I had eaten was at 7pm.. then I had gone to the gym... so I had about 17 hours without food... (I would call that fasting). How could this be?
I ate 3 eggs this morning... and checked it a few hours later... 148... at least it was on it's way down. For lunch I went to Sweet Tomatoes (Awesome Salad Bar) and I ate my normal... which also includes about a 1/2 cup of the non-fat frozen yogurt... I almost finished it when I remembered my sugar level was high... Sometimes I'm such a doofus.... which is why I felt I had to squeeze in the extra workout!

I have been feeling great though... I hurt... but it's a good hurt. Tonight as I was leaving the gym my legs felt like Jelly... seriously... I was like "okay just walk slow... make it look good... you don't wanna stumble out of the gym.... okay walk slower.... crap my knee just gave out.... does it look like I'm shaking from behind.... why the heck did I park so far away from the dang gym... who does that anyway.... make it look smooth... just make it look smooth" And like a doofus... I started to get into my SUV and stumbled on the step that comes out.... at least I stumbled in the car instead of falling backwards :o)

But I feel great.. I seriously kinda didn't wanna NOT go tonight... I even considered going back after my meeting but then some might classify me as a gym freak. I could try to reason and say it dedication... but somehow obsessed would be on everyone else's minds. I know there is gonna come a time where I have to drag myself kicking and screaming to the gym... but I'm not there yet. I just love this high I'm riding.... (at least it's legal). Now I also truly understand one of my favorite quotes from Legally Blond:

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't."

If my husband is reading this... rest assure hunny... as long as I'm at the gym you are safe. LOL.. (He's a great guy I promise... and I love him dearly)

One other thing I wanted to post is pictures..... of my closet! (I'm still working on my before pictures) What is the relevance of my closet pics besides the fact of how proud I am that they are so organized?

Well.... I can't fit into about 95% of it... (no lie)... The shirts.. I can make it work and I usually wear a light sweater over it... and that helps to cover the fact that my jeans are way too tight. (I really refuse to buy new bigger clothes).

And this picture below... is all the clothes that are size 14 and smaller. (Everything I have hanging in the closet is 16 or bigger) These are clothes that I have never worn. Well maybe an occasional shirt or something... but the last 3 times I got into the 190's I went on a shopping spree buying all this size 16 and size 14 stuff... only to put it away when I started to gain. SOOO... I am so very close to wearing a lot of this stuff. I'm really excited. When I hit 210 I'm gonna try on the things hanging in my closet and see what fits... I'm gonna do it again at 200.

I'm really excited about it! I can't wait... things are already starting to be lose. In fact I have these 2 pairs of Capri's one if like an army green and the other is a STRETCH 16... I can't wait to kiss them goodbye. Besides all the clothes I wear at home these 2 pairs of Capri's are the only pants I feel comfortable with out in public... and I rotate them everyday... I can't wait to get rid of them!

Anyways guys... it's been real... and it's been fun.... but it's also 1am... and I'm exhausted.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!
Love Always,


  1. Good for you. One comment from someone who is NOT a professional but who has been exercising regularly since 1971 (with a little help from Army for several years), if you feel the way you described "I hurt... but it's a good hurt. Tonight as I was leaving the gym my legs felt like Jelly..." every time you workout, you might be doing just a little too much. I am not as concerned about physical damage, however, as I am about motivational damage. Endorphins are great, I'm seeing my dealer (my dumbbells) later today myself, but it can be really hard to keep going when every workout slams you to the floor afterwards. Of course, there's a little age difference here (I'm 65) , and you seem to have a high level of motivation. Don't ever give up. I'll check back from time to time if you don't mind, and will be placing a link to your blog on mine at Fitness After 40.

    Take care and have a great day!