The Beginning

Monday, February 08, 2010

I got the Bugg,...

Slight correction in yesterday entry... I plan on doing 30 minutes of a cardio machine Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... and then do 30 minutes of circuit training (which is also cardio) for a total of 60 minutes. I was contemplating doing 60 minutes of cardio today plus the 30 minute circuit so it would be like my 'last chance workout' however I didn't even make it to the gym today. I had every intention of doing so but got busy doing some things with my dad. I'm not upset or bummed and I don't feel like I was being sneaky and trying to get out of it. I just know that I need to get back on track tomorrow.

It's so interesting how my mindset has changed over the last month. I feel very mature. I feel like I'm facing all my issues and being responsible. And let me tell you... this being accountable thing is really nice. In fact, I really feel like this is a lifestyle change... not just a diet or something I'm dreading. I'm really lovin' who I am becoming here. I am also getting so motivated by reading blogs. I may not comment on everyone's blogs all the time... but I read them daily. I love reading what others are going through... and how the got past an obstacle... how they may have slipped and their plans to get back on track.. and of course the wonderful successes. I get so happy when people are having awesome days. Some I even know like 'so and so is going to be weighing in tomorrow... I can't wait to read how she did' .... lol and well with that I have a confession to make... I am no longer addicted to farming on farmville. (I don't know where I found the time to tell you the truth) I think blogging is my newest addiction..... but it plays in my favor because it's part of my weight loss therapy! Oh I love it.. lol.

So I mention yesterday I went to the Magic Kingdom. Well it was cold like in the low 50's during the afternoon and then when the sun went down it was in the 40's... and that's cold for Florida. Well I wore jeans, a shirt, and a sweater. Normally I hate the feeling of wearing my jeans... because they are size 16s... and they are super tight in my tummy area (and I refused to buy 18s) Well... .... they weren't so tight yesterday! Then today I wore a pair of capris that are Stretch 16s... and they were falling off! It really feels good to be losing the weight and changing my size. I carry the most of my weight around my stomach and I know that is a danger zone. I've been worried about it and now I'm actually doing something about it! This is really an empowering feeling!

Another confession: I bought the GoWear Fit! Why is this a confession? Because I literally can't afford it. Oh thank you plastic charge card that loves to be there for my impulse buys... only to charge me an arm and a leg of interest later. I got it off of <-- this is the actual link for the arm band on amazon. I'm really excited! GoWear Fit is much like the Body Bugg (which if you are a biggest loser fanatic like me... then you know that its a much needed indulgence). There is the armband which is:
  • Clinically proven to accurately track calories, steps, physical activity levels and sleep efficiency
  • Helps you set healthy weight loss goals – and reach them
  • Easy-to-use Online Activity Manager helps you monitor your progress over time
  • Optional Display gives you minute-to-minute updates
And then the other device:
  • Gives convenient access to your data
  • Can be worn as a watch, or clipped to your shirt, pants or bag
I've wanted the BodyBugg for quite a while (since I first saw it on Biggest Loser... yes yes... if they advertise it I want it... they got me!). As I've been reading through different blogs I have seen quite a few people that use the GoWear Fit and love it. So I'm in!

Well folks.. that's about it for now.... now I shall go read some more blogs..
Love Always,

P.S. HOLLLLLLYYYYYY CRAP I did it! I signed up for the spring soccer league.... which after I signed up I noticed there first game is Feb 9th..... tonight.... but oh well.... all they can do is say no. Maybe they don't have enough people to play and need me.... oh please oh please.... I love soccer... let me be on the team..... I'll keep you posted!


  1. Hope the soccer team went well for you. You sounded so excited to do it.

    I got the GoWearFit last fall, and I, too, couldn't afford it. I didn't use credit card, I just cut other expenses that month so that I could still pay cash, but it was hard. I am so happy that I got it! You're going to love it. I had no idea that I was such a good sleeper, I basically sleep solid all night with only about 2 minutes of being awake. The sleep function is the funnest, but the calorie burn is by far the best thing. I had no idea that when I did the truck shipment at my store that I burned so many calories. It's all the carrying boxes around the store, which essentially is weight-lifting and cardio. I can't imagine what it used to be in my old store, because we hand carried all the boxes up stairs and then around the store.

    Have fun!

  2. Soccer is a great sport that'll definitely get you in shape. There's sooo much running! I'm not a very good runner. I'm also not addicted to Farmville or Cafe World anymore. This blogging thing is taking up my time now. I would like to buy the GoWearFit, but it's too expensive for me. I hope it helps you! Thank you for your kind comments in my blog posts.