The Beginning

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am on a weight loss trend

- According to my GoWear fit.

Very interesting Day 2! I stayed on target.
Things I learned...

1) I fell asleep at 4am got up at Noon (8hrs) but GoWear says that I only slept 5 hr 57 min. And apparently while I was sleeping I took 49 steps... lol... I am unable to see what time it was Except between 4 - 5am.. it may have been a quick restroom trip... who knows.

2) Half my calories today was from Fat :o( - then again I had a sirloin....

3) The Machines at the gym are wrong! It's a good basis to go on... but it's a 'one size fits all' way of calculating. I was on the exercise bike and according to the machine I had done 15 minutes of moderate activity (heart rate @ 135) however.... GoWear fit read I only did 2 minutes of moderate activity... Interesting...

4) This is like a game. I am totally digging it.... Before the doorbell rang with my GoWear Fit on Tuesday... I hated counting calories. Now I'm all over it. It's like "hmmm, if I eat this than I will have this many left" and "okay lets keep going on the machine for 5 more minutes just to see what my GoWear says" In fact.... Tuesday when I got on the treadmill to begin my first day of my 5k training... I was so concerned about the GoWear and my running that I didn't realize I was watching Rachel Ray cooking something (can't remember) until a guy next to me asked me how I could workout with food in front of my face. Craziness I tell ya.

Today overall was pretty groovy. I went to work but didn't have any work to do.... so I had a forced day off... bummer... For lunch I went to Logan's Roadhouse with my dad. I had my iPhone locked and ready except their nutritional guide is not on their website as the server told me. So I ate carefully, and had to bring it home to calculate it. I always have the sirloin salad. I love it. I decided to add on a cup of Loaded Potato Soup. Pretty good. They of course brought out rolls (4). My dad grabbed 2 and said I could have the rest... but I know better. However I did take a picture before my dad gobbled them up. I know they are totally delish.... but according to the those pesky rolls are 227 calories a roll... My dad had 4 and I was just adding the calories in my head. Although they are good.... I'd rather save my calories for other food... and of course I get a lot more of it.

Here's a picture of what I missed out on... 454 calories not counting the butter next to it!

Daily Stats:
Calories Burned 3096
Calories Consumed 1745
Balance (Deficit) 1354
Physical Activity 1 Hr 43 min (Moderate 30 min) (Vigorous 26 min)
Steps 7589

I decided to add on my workout info also:

Day 3 of Operation Couch to 5k in 6 weeks:
20 Min on Treadmill - 1 Min Jog @ 4.5 / 1 Min Walk @3.0 (alternate for 20 Min)
30 Min on Seated Bike
5 Min on Elliptical for Cooldown

This was taken during my cool down. I wanted to start keeping up with my miles for 2010.

Friday it here! Everyone behave themselves and have an awesome weekend!!
Love Always,


  1. That's funny--I always watch Rachel Ray when I am running. I thought it was kind of weird to watch the cooking while working out, but I do it anyway:)

    SOunds like you have quite a cool contraption. Fun!


  2. The rolls weren't worth it - glad you kept away from them. Good girl!

  3. I used to work out with the Food Network all the time! I still lost a ton of weight, so keep watching it! If you can't eat the good stuff, at least watch it. LoL.

  4. My GoWearFit registers some steps overnight when I'm sleeping. I think it's the motion of flipping over or rustling under the covers that registers them. It also registers a couple of steps when I drive to work (but not when I drive on the highway, probably due to the bounce of potholes, my DSi step thing used to do that too) I don't worry too much about them.