The Beginning

Saturday, June 05, 2010

So Far so Good

Yea, they put me on Metformin... and probably a genetic brand of Trico. I already got the metformin and my blood sugar is starting to stabilize. I couldn't get Tricor because of my health insurance.... so I haven't gotten that yet.

Day one is over and so far so good! I stayed focused.
It's so funny and I don't quite understand it.... It feels great to make good decisions... to get my exercise in, and to eat the right food...... And yet I fight against it so much. And what's even worse.... when I don't exercise, don't eat right I feel awful. Why do I want to put myself through that misery? Beats the heck out of me!

I was reading (go figure... It seems I always am...) a book called "Eat & Beat Diabetes with picture perfect weight loss" by Dr. Howard M. Shapiro and Chef Franklin Becker (who is diabetic).... it is a really awesome book. It show pictures of food .... from the worst option to the best option... and it also shows like a regular breakfast sandwich from any fast food restaurant, and then it shows what you could eat for the same amount of calories (most of the time way less than the calories). I like the visuals... you can definitely see that eating healthy is a lot more food!

Anyways, at the beginning of the book in the intro they give you some shocking news on the facts of diabetes. They also discuss, in short, whats going on inside with the insulin, glucose, and pancreas. I guess what I took from this or 'shocked me' is this:

"Diabetes is not just a disease; it is also a risk factor. It is a component of what doctors have labeled metabolic syndrome - a combination of medical disorders including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol), low HDL cholesterol ( the "good" cholesterol), high triglycerides and overweight or obesity. The more of the components of metabolic syndrome a person has, the greater his or her chances of suffering life-threatening complications."

Wow... I'm self diagnosing myself with metabolic syndrome. Seriously. My blood pressure is good (for now... but if I keep going the way I'm going I know it would be worse)... But all the rest of it fits in perfectly. It's such a much bigger picture than diabetes. Yesterday the doctor was going over the results of my triglycerides and the fact that my blood glucose level was a lot higher than it should be... and he said that I was on my way to having pancreatitis... (shut down on pancreas) ... I've already had it twice... If I keep it up... one day my pancreas won't start working again and then I will be a type 1 diabetic.

As I'm typing all this... I'm feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and such a fool. Why am I not taking care of myself? Why am I taking this so lightly? How am I forgetting the importance, the urgency? Arugula!

I have to keep this in the forefront of my mind at all times. I may have a good day, a good week, a good workout even..... I need to reward myself with something other than food.  I think I am also going to post my blood work results here in my office on the wall... so that I can physically and mentally see it. I may post it on the frige too...

I've also been reading through the blogs and I'm so proud of so many of you. The changes are remarkable! I know that you are on this journey for yourselves.... but you are inspiring to me! Keep up the good work!

Have a healthy and happy day!
Love Always,

Friday, June 04, 2010

Off the deep end

Well I went to the doctor's yesterday to help me get back on track.... the took my blood to run some tests... and they did an EKG. The EKG came back looking good. However this morning I got a call from the doctor about my blood work. He's putting me on two medications, one for glucose monitoring.... and the other for Cholesterol. Has it come to this? I shouldn't expect anything less... I haven't been taking care of myself.

I started my 'new healthy eating plan' today. For those of you that read my previous entries starting at the beginning of the year... I told you that I was not to be trusted with myself. I just let myself slide thinking "I'm okay... I've been doing great... I can cheat...." Obviously I can't.

I'm going to be seeing my doctor every Thursday now just to help me keep focused and on track.
I need to take better care of myself.

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Love Always,