The Beginning

Friday, June 04, 2010

Off the deep end

Well I went to the doctor's yesterday to help me get back on track.... the took my blood to run some tests... and they did an EKG. The EKG came back looking good. However this morning I got a call from the doctor about my blood work. He's putting me on two medications, one for glucose monitoring.... and the other for Cholesterol. Has it come to this? I shouldn't expect anything less... I haven't been taking care of myself.

I started my 'new healthy eating plan' today. For those of you that read my previous entries starting at the beginning of the year... I told you that I was not to be trusted with myself. I just let myself slide thinking "I'm okay... I've been doing great... I can cheat...." Obviously I can't.

I'm going to be seeing my doctor every Thursday now just to help me keep focused and on track.
I need to take better care of myself.

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  1. Hey! Nice to hear from you! Glad to see that you are getting back on track, keep us posted.

  2. We're probably on the same meds. I stopped taking Crestor, and I'll see the doc in November to see how it has affected me. My other meds are cut down to half their dosages. We'll see then if I can keep healthy. Good luck!