The Beginning

Friday, January 29, 2010


Well... today was the first day that I hit all the calories I'm suppose to eat for the day. For today it is 1400. Let me tell you... I was truckin' along through my day and I was done... so I tallied up my calories to find I had only eaten 855. I was like wow... I can eat more! I need to eat more!
So now... my stomach hurts... I didn't go over.. and I ate all healthy foods.... I'm just sooooo full...
I need to work on getting this down right. I'm going to break down my calories so that I have a more balanced day. Truthfully... had I not been counting the calories... I wouldn't have eaten that last meal... I would have been done with 855. Which may be why I'm not losing weight.... I may not be eating enough for my body to let go... Man.... I fell like hiring someone to do this for me lol.... Personal Assistant wanted.... It's be great if she could also exercise for me...
Okay... okay.. I know. But it was just a thought.
Tomorrow I shall start again.

So I can't get over this stuffed feeling... so I decided to exercise! I put on the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout... man... just the stretching had my heart rate up! Then I decided to test out the new 2010 Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatium... however I didn't have batteries for my balance board.. so I did what I could. I feel pretty good... still stuffed... and now really tired :o)
February starts on Monday! Can you believe Jan is already gone?

I think I'm gonna work in small goals now... I wanna get to 220... when I get there... I think I will aim for 215.... that way I'm only taking my goals a little at a time and soon I'll be under 200! I can't wait. Okay one step at a time.....

So guys.... My first goal... 220. Here I come :o)


  1. I also have to be careful not to stuff myself with 0 calorie food (like too many veggies at a time) that I have no room in my tummy for the calories I'm supposed to eat in the day.

  2. You are getting so close to the teens! It seems like you are really adjusting well to your new life. I'm excited for you.

  3. Setting shorter goals is awesome. You can do it!!

  4. Take it a step at a time! Looking at the long term really sucks, and can get you discouraged if you gain or don't move on the scale. The short term you're like bam bam bam I hit it every time! Awesome blog btw :)