The Beginning

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quick update

Howdy partners... Hope everyone has had a successful day. I have... though it was filled with a little more stress than I can normally handle. I went to a buffet for lunch today, and I did awesome. I usually do... I go with a game plan and stick to it. Every now and then I slip up and have something but I'm usually good with them.... I have overcome that fear.

Yesterday I was reading MissHaneefa's blog and she had a quote:

"Never trade in what you want the most, for what you want at the moment"

This had a profound effect on me. Today while I at this buffet I thought about eating something and then this quote popped in my head. I think it has become my new motto. I started thinking in terms today as... 'If I eat this... I won't meet my goals'. The thing I want most is to be healthy. I want to not have to worry about becoming sick or having any kind of complications related to my weight. I really wouldn't trade my health for something like a piece of cheesecake that I will only enjoy the taste... and then feel like a failure. (Quick Note: I don't like the idea of saying I will never eat this... or eliminating any food groups entirely, but I know that if I tell myself.... 'it's okay to eat a piece of cheesecake because my diet allows it' then I know that I have just opened the flood gates if you will. I'm working on willpower.)

Well tomorrow I am getting up and going to the gym with my friend Amanda. We joined a gym together years ago and use to go workout. I found out this week that she belongs to the same gym I do. I'm working on getting a few people that I can rely on to be my gym buddies so they can kick my butt if I decide to become flaky.

More tomorrow, Love Always.... Amberly


  1. Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. I'm now following you and look forward to keeping up with your progress.

  2. Working out with friends is fun and can be very motivating!