The Beginning

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gym Day 1

Well today was pretty successful for me! I got up (a little late) and went to the gym with my friend Amanda. I think her and I may be going to the gym together a lot more often. We have the same time slot in our schedule's to work with, however she has 10lbs to lose and I have 72 more to go... We shall see how it turns out. I was really excited with myself though.
I did the elliptical for about 15 min... I usually go about an hour but I was catering to the needs of her. Then we did a few machines that worked inner and outer thighs... then we did a 30 minute circuit. I really enjoyed the circuit. I was constantly moving and it felt great. As we were leaving we did the roman chair thing... I love that thing.. I feel it working.
I am going to the gym in the morning again. I think I will do Monday - Saturday with Sunday being my rest day.

Other than that ... fairly awesome day. However I am running on 5 hours of sleep. So I'm gonna go hit the sack and get about 10 hours to try to recover from the 5.. lol

Hope everyone is doing well.
Love Always,


  1. Thank you for your kind words about my latest post. My husband and I just finished listening to the Dave Ramsey CD's yesterday. What a coincidence! We have figured out what we need to do after a lot of tears, praying, and planning out some sacrifices.

  2. You are so pretty! Even if your friend only has to lose 10 lbs, she will need to keep going to the gym to keep it off...

    - Lisa