The Beginning

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I gained 1.3 lbs.... I'd like to believe it's all muscle...
So I am now 223.3.... ughhhh....
Well I am going to start on counting my calories for today. I have 1550. I am going to vary them out as soon as I figure out what day I'd like to eat more and so on. This will help my metabolism from getting use to the same number of calories per day, in which it will help me from plateauing.

Thanks for the comments on my 2 posts last night. I've been looking into a website that I can easily track my foods. I'm going to check out the ones mentioned. Anyone else have any others to try? Anyone know of any iPhone friendly ones? I'll check back in later.


  1. As you know, I'm a WW dropout, so I just use their Points system by myself. Maybe I'll join when I only have ten pounds to lose. That way, I don't have to pay for too many weeks. Could your gain be water related? I weight myself in the morning before I put anything in my mouth.

  2. I'm doing WW currently, I was doing for for 2 weeks myself and just did a meeting yesterday...with that said, I usually do my counting by writing it down, but for a while I was doing SparkPeople, which is a great site that I recommend because you can find people to talk to, as well as tracking your food. I heard about the possibility of a SP app, but I do not know if they've done that as of yet. Hope that helps