The Beginning

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Please remind me that fried chicken and I don't mix. Please don't let me justify it. It's just not one of those foods that my body likes.... Lol. My husband had hot and spicy fried chicken wings and I thought I would have a couple. They were really good. I tend to stay away from fried chicken. In fact I don't think I've eaten it in 2 years! No lie. Normally I also can't stand how salty it tastes.... well I woke up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach. Alka Seltzer to the rescue... ughhh.

Thanks for the comments from my older posts. I don't think it was water gain.... I've been down on my heavy duty water drinking abilities.... I always weigh myself in the morning... every morning. Today I was down from yesterday so I'm going in the right direction.... I think I just need to do a few things to keep me on the right track. I also need to use the simple math. Calories in, calories out.

Okay so 'project 10,000 steps a day' is in effect. I'm working on getting it up there.
Tuesday I had 4,565
Wednesday I had 6,214
Now this was just from my normal day to day walking. I didn't do anything extra special to get those steps. I think I'm going to try to take a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood and that probably should have me hitting my 10,000 daily.

Ohh... I have some good news. Since I didn't have a weight loss for the week, I decided to measure my stomach and I have already lost 1 1/2 inches. Not bad huh. At least I have a little celebration there, and also the fact that I've stuck to my healthy eating plan. (Minus the fried chicken.. lol... but I don't ever wanna say any food is off limit... I just wanna make the healthiest choice).

So I've been looking for some pics. I have some 'fat pics' that I took but I'm not sure if I want to really gross ya'll out lol. So I was just searching on my computer and found some 'fat pics' I took in 2002.... and I thought 'Damn, I wish I was that fat....' lol I looked good. I had just graduated and was very athletic... so I must of weighed like 190 tops... :o( I'll get back there... and then go lower. Anyways.. I've found some pics... but they were from years ago. I've lost weight and gained it back since then.

This was in 2006 in Boston.. I weighed 240.

I like this pic of me. But this is my normal attire. I always wear a light sweater over my shirt because I'm hiding my poochy stomach.
This was October 2007. I stuffed myself in those jeans for my engagement shoot.
January 2009 - I was a size 20 bride. Although... the dress did look very nice on me... But they have a way of making any bride feel beautiful in whatever size.

May 2008 - I was hiding a tub of lard lol. I wore black because I thought I could hide it better.

So there is a few pics of me... to let you see a little bit of what I'm dealing with here.
I'll check in tomorrow
Love Always,


  1. 1.5 inches off your belly does not call for a little calls for a BIG celebration! YAY YAY YAY!
    And you look awfully pretty in your wedding picture!

  2. I'm glad you are moving in the right direction on the scale again. And the tape measure success is exciting. You do look beautiful at your wedding!

  3. Great post, I am so going to put pics up now!