The Beginning

Thursday, January 28, 2010



This is my word... like when I'm upset... or loss/void of words.... If you hit your thumb with a hammer.... some say S#*$.. I say Arugula.
Arugula... because all my stress just came at me at once. I'm so ticked off and I wanna eat... Good news is I don't want chocolate.... bad news.. I want some high carbolicious foods. Good news... I don't think I have any in my house. I don't know what to do to get over it. Talk about it?

What do you do to help you in moments of crisis, when all you wanna do is turn to food for comfort?


  1. I have actually gotten to a point where I can just think about the calories in the junk food I want to eat, and how much more food I could have if I picked something healthier. That never worked before... but recently it has been all I need.

    I like your curse word, though! I feel like an idiot, though, because I thought you made it up - my girlfriend had to tell me it was an actual food. I need to eat more arugula, I suppose.

  2. BEFORE or AFTER? I'm going with after, since we're trying to be healthier. I've been calling someone supportive. Or, done something completely incompatible with eating. Showering for instance. Or cleaning the oven. Or walking.

  3. Chew gum. Or drink tea. Or brush your teeth. Or give yourself a double-good whammy and workout.

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  5. i drink tea, even if it has 2 teaspoons of sugar, u feel like ur cheating, but ur really not, and the warmth soothes you...try earl gray decaf, and regular orange peoke and alternate with different herbal ones too:)