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Saturday, January 09, 2010

It's snowing in Florida!

Today was a pretty great day! Nothing out of the ordinary (except snow in Florida) but I've just had a great attitude today. Maybe the last three days have cleansed my body of all the junk that was in it before. I don't know, but I feel great!
Today I've done exceptionally well with my eating also. I had:
Breakfast (gold star) 3 eggs and a grapefruit.
I packed along snacks and bottled water (gold star) apple, and a cheese stick.
I came home and had 4 oz. of kielbasa with Red, Yellow, and Orange bell peppers.

I'm thawing out chicken for dinner and having broccoli and green beans too. Yum!

This attitude adjustment is great! I'm loving it!
So other news... I decided to go to the gym today. There are 2 gyms near me (about 5 miles distance) however I have to go the opposite directions from my normal routes... so when I wanna go to the gym it's an extra trip. Now I promise I didn't pray about it... but all of a sudden one miraculously opens up between my house and work. Now I really have no excuse what so ever. So I geared up and brought work out clothes.... the only thing is the gym isn't open yet :o( It's still being painted and there is no equipment in there. A for effort?

While I was eating my breakfast I was watching the Dr. OZ show, and he had on an overweight mother with her overweight daughter to help them get on a healthy eating diet so they can loose some poundage... well Dr. Oz has a team of experts that help him and one of them, Principle Al said something that struck a chord with me... or gave me an 'aha moment' (whatever floats your boat). He said:

"A vision without a plan is a Hallucination."

Kinda like the ever popular 'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.' But I started thinking about this quote... Normally I just throw myself out there and say this is what I weigh, this is what I want to lose, and this is my diet. But this time it's different. I feel the difference... I feel like I'm back in my weight loss mode that I was in last April/May when I lost 35lbs, but it's different... it's like 'I GET IT' this time around. So I'm making a better plan.

I've got my vision... I truly wanna be healthy. That's my goal... there is no number attached to this. I've set 150 as my goal to get to... but I don't know. I've been pretty overweight since I was a kid. I remember when I was 10 and I hit 200lbs...(then didn't eat for like a week cuz I was afraid my parents would find out) In High School I ranged about 180 because I played sports like crazy (soccer, volleyball, and track) but once summer break hit.. I would be up to 220. I ate anything I wanted because I worked out, and in the summer time..I obviously didn't. Once I graduated there was no more sports. Therefore I jumped up to 234 and stuck out around there for a while. My max weight I ever reached was 254. So I'm not sure how I will look at 150. My Dr. says that according to my height and their charts I could weigh 110..... yeah if I wanted to die. So I'm thinking get to 150 and reassess everything. I may think I need to lose more, I may think I'm just fine. I have no idea. I see the end goal in mind... but I'm really all about the journey. I want this to be a wonderful experience. I know hard at times, and I've already been there so I already know. But I ultimately want to grow through this process and take in as much as I can to truly benefit me. I don't want a lose weight quick scheme... I want a way of life.

So there's my vision. My plan.... I thought about this. I know many things work for many people... I've tried to say I'm going to lose X amount of pounds by this certain date... but that always fails me. I always become discouraged and in the past if I felt like I wasn't going to hit my goal I just gave up. I don't want this to be about numbers in that sense anyway. In fact... I made a goal in Dec. that I was gonna be under 200 lbs by my anniversary (tomorrow).... hahaha... I jumped ship on that one. So my plan is to take each day as a new fresh start. To continue keeping up with things I'm already doing (i.e. exercise, water intake.. etc.) and then add a healthy habit each week from 'Habit-A-Week' Challenge that Lyn does at

And here is a direct link to the Habit-A-Week Challenge page that she started in Sept 2008.

I also am going to work on coming up with a rewards system. When I lose so much then I am rewarded. I need some time to think about it first. I want to find meaningful things. For instance I said last year when I was under 200lbs I would get guitar lessons. I made it under 200, but returned there 3 weeks later and felt I didn't deserve the reward. I know that I want ice skating lessons. And one goal of mine is to join the Orlando Soccer Club/League whatever it's called in the Fall. So I will get back to you on my rewards.... and I figure I need to write out a series of goals that I would love to accomplish on the way.

So what's your vision? What's your plan on how to get there? Are you hallucinating? Are you just throwing out words or things you want, and just figuring that they will just become without you lifting a finger? Food for thought... what is it that you REALLY want?

Thank you so much for coming along with me on this journey. I cherish all those who read my blog and post comments. I cherish reading your blogs as well. They give me so much strength. I feel accountable. Thank you!

Love Always,

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  1. It sounds like you're on the right track! I love Dr. Oz. Have you read his book, You, on a Diet? It's an easy read- lots of good pictures!