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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Award!?!?!?!? Why thank you!

Awesome I got another award. I'm psyched. I'm glad that there are others out there who enjoy reading my blog. I hope it inspires you and keeps you going on your track!

Thanks Kaitlin of Everyday Grace

So the rules are I have to share 7 things about myself and then pass it on to seven of my fellow bloggers. Here goes!

1. The true real me that is under all these layers (ogre's have layers your know) of fat... and emotional layers of insecurity is just a big goof ball. I love to kick back and have fun. I'm not shy... but I do know that I'm different when the weight comes off... I feel free. When I'm packing the pounds I am just really serious.

2. I love finances.... I hate money though..... how does that work? Well I don't really know I'm just funky like that. I like to make sure that I'm in control of my money and not the opposite way around. I would truly hate being an accountant though. I think of it more as a life changing/altering thing... than a boring number crunching thing. Oh by the way... I'm kinda (unofficially) dyslexic too.

3. I am a people pleaser. I've learned this about myself in the past few years so I've been learning how to focus on me and not pleasing others. I truly feel that I am this way because of my weight. I try to please people because way deep down I feel like they won't like me otherwise. And unfortunately this lovely characteristic has come around to really hurt me. I've thought I have had really great friends in the past when I really learn that they are just there because I give and give and give..... but they give nothing back. I'm very grateful that I have realized this and am taking actions to protect me.

4. I'm a procrastinator... I put thing off.... infact I'll finish this tomorrow.
Just kidding. I think I put things off because of some sort of fear of doing the actual thing... then once I do force myself to do it, I think 'Geeze Louise... that was so simple I wish I would've done it sooner'

5. My newest passion in life (besides the whole 'deciding the fate of my life' yesterday) is cooking. I really love to cook. While growing up I could bake... I could make a few good things. I've always been afraid of spices.... not to eat them but to use them. I hate the idea of wasting a whole dish because it has way too much ______ (fill in the blank). However I met my husband about 3 years ago and he loves to cook. He throws things into a pot.. and voila... (not the frozen bag stuff) he makes some awesome dishes. Watching my diet though... I have to watch him because he cooks with tons of sugar, and butter, and BBQ sauce.... He can turn a 150 calorie chicken breast into 500 EASY.

6. I'm addicted to Farmville on Facebook. I admitted it.... that's the first step right? The game is so cute... and I love it. It has actually made me start planning out my own 'organic' garden in the back. I love planting and watching things grow. And if I spend half the time out in my real garden than I do on my virtual farm.... lol... than I would had a whole lotta food that I couldn't eat in a year. I like the idea though... I would love to eat foods from my own garden instead of buying it at the store... and I'm reading Jillian Michael's new book and another book called Gorgeously Green which both speak about the toxins in foods that are messing with the endocrine (hormonal) system. So I'm thinking of working on getting the pesticides outta my life.

7. I have an insane fear of grates in the parking lots... You know the sewer grates that you could accidentally drop your keys into... I can't walk over them... Is it because I'm overweight and somehow think I will fall in... In reality if my car (huge SUV) can drive over those suckers without budging.... than I think it can hold me.... I am at least 4,775 lbs lighter than my car...

So update on what's up with me. I'm great :o)
I got breakfast in.... (gold star)
Took a meal with me for work (gold star)
And then I got take out from carrabba's ... They have awesome fire grilled chicken!
I always get the grilled chicken ceasar salad. This time I tried some of their lentil soup... I really liked it... and I can add lentils on to my list of new foods I love that I once refused to eat.
Now that I'm thinking about it... I did not drink enough water today. Working on that tomorrow.

Last but not least: I decided to post my stats and some photos... that way all you all can see what I gots to work with ... Here are the stats and the photos will come a little later.

January 20, 2010
Weight 222
Waist 47
Abs 43
Hips 47
Chest 49
Below Chest 43
R Thigh 27
L Thigh 27
R Arm 15 1/2
L Arm 15
R Calf 17 1/2
L Calf 17 1/2
Neck 17

What I'm saddened about is.... when I was at my heaviest... my body measurements weren't this big... I've always carried my weight nicely. I've always been strong and athletic.... now I'm turning into a pool of fat :o( Don't worry it's all gonna change...

Hope everyone is having a great day!
Love Always,


  1. I too am a farmer in FarmVille. I also do Restaurant City, and Cafe World. When do I find the time?

  2. LOL... well if you need any neighbors you can request me as a friend on facebook. I have cafe work, farmville, farmtown, mafia wars, yoville (don't do much with it anymore) and tiki farm...