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Friday, March 05, 2010

I'm leavin..... on a jet plane....

Well.... I have an unexpected trip today. Well.... I knew it was coming up but I've been dreading it really. I'm helping my dad drive to Arkansas (give it up for my home state) and then I'm flying back on Sunday. I'm not bringing my laptop though.... I'll have my iPhone.... so I can still keep tabs on all you guys and make sure you are not slacking!!!

So even though I was dreading it.... the only thing that I did prepare is I went to Target and got this awesome pre-made salad for the road. I'm hoping to stop by there a little later and get a few more if they have them. My issue with driving is that I never eat right..... and the reason I do not eat right is I'm pressured by the other driver (who shall remain nameless...DAD) he is always telling me it's just for now... we can eat healthy when we get to AR.... and blah blah blah.... Well me and temptation don't really see eye to eye.... and well it beats me... I tried getting a restraining order but to no avail. So... this time I am prepared.

So of you may be thinking... well there are healthier options at Fast Food places.... at least you could get that if you really had too.... I say yuck... lol... I've tried them before.. and with exception to Chik-Fil-A I just completely stay away from fast food places. I've tried the grilled chicken at several places (except BK which I heard is pretty good... so maybe I'll test it out we'll see) but it always makes me sick to my stomach. I just do not like the taste... so I do what I do with soda.... if I can't have the real thing.... I won't eat it at all. It really works for me as long as I plan.... I have to plan to bring snacks with me otherwise I end up going hungry and it's not a pretty sight.

Anyone have and good options for the road for me? I've got my salad, a few cheese sticks. Hopefully I'll get a couple more salads. I also have a few of the Kashi granola bars.... that way I don't resort to candy bars cuz we all know how those taste (and why I can't have them). I also will buy water out on the road. My husband made me soup... so I'll take that in a thermos.

I'm gonna go finish packing my weekend bag. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Happy, Healthy and full of good decisions!
Love Always,


  1. I haven't eaten FF - except for Taco Bell (3 times via Bean burritos) or Subway (don't count this one though) this year and I am the same way...yuck. I actually had a dream last night that I did go to FF place and I got sick from it.

  2. I always have snack for regular food I crave....baked chips, carrots and celery(more for the crunch factor than anything), pretzels, fat free ranch dressing, crystal light, and red licorece ( hello sweet tooth) ....hope it helps good luck

  3. Grapes, washed and bagged are the best portable snack! Banana's are filling too. I tend to take little sushi packs away with on trips too (they have vegetarian ones if you don't eat fish).
    Love your blog by the way, very inspiring

  4. I eat a handful of almonds to keep my hunger away. That way I don't gorge myself when I eat lunch or dinner.

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