The Beginning

Monday, March 22, 2010

Checkin' In

Dang... all day has felt like a Tuesday.... I did 'Sunday' things that I usually do every Sunday... but up until this point I was going to report to you on how my Tuesday was. I'd like to blame that on the fact that I knocked my head on the ground a little too hard while playing soccer on Saturday... however I make these mistakes all the time. At least it's good to know that I don't have brain damage.

Anyhow... I seriously was thinking that today was Tuesday. I was going to write about how this morning my "Tuesday Weight" is 217.4! Then I was going to tell you how I went off my plan a little today because it was Tuesday. I promise.... I'm not smokin' anything!

Well with all that being said I hope everyone had a nice Sunday. I've played soccer for the past two days. I didn't get that much of a work out in though... I played with all guys... which means basically... they are all ball hogs. And what happens when you fight for the ball you might ask? A possible concussion. Actually I was the last defender and I was guarding the goal ( when we play a small scrimage we use the smaller goals without a goalie. Normally the last defender acts as a goalie but can't use hands). So this guy comes running with the ball at my left side and there wasn't a defender in sight... so I step out, ran toward him and with my right leg kicked the ball out.... well with his right leg he kicked both of my feet out from under me. I was falling on my back so I balled my back up for the impact... except his leg was there... so my back landed on his leg and caused my neck and head to whip lash and I hit the ground hard. I had to lay there for a second. Everyone was like OHHHH are you okay. Instead of answering them I started think to myself...  'I'm okay.... yeah you're okay... okay let's get up... ohh that hurts... okay can I stand up.... who's the idiot that did this... I'm okay'  Let's just say I had a bad headache... and my neck is still a little sore and stiff.

Good news though.... after playing on Saturday they asked me to consider playing on their Monday night team of 8 on 8. Which is awesome. Right now I play Adult pick up soccer... there is no commitment. I didn't want to bite off more than I can chew ya know. Now I'm seriously thinking about it. We shall see. My original plan was to join a team in the fall.

Other news... I'm bummed because I thought Biggest Loser was on tonight (see above with the whole 'Tuesday' fiasco)

I haven't been on writing very much. About 3 weeks ago I started painting my computer room. I got it all almost done in about 2 days.... Well... my hubby has to bring the ladder in for me so I can cut in the ceiling.. (I'm a perfectionist... trust me IT WILL BOTHER ME) The ceilings are about 14ft tall. So basically I am sitting at a computer desk in the middle of the room surrounded by paint supplies.... while all my office stuff has taken a new habitat in my dinning room and craft room. I really want to finish..... but I'm trying to be kind and nice. I'm about ready to try to haul the ladder in myself. Anyone wanna help?

I'm in the mood to clean. Actually... I had caffeine today... so I'm in the mood to move and get busy... so therefore I am cleaning. The good thing is not only does it serve a purpose of a cleaner home... it also burns mucho calories if I keep moving quick. I don't like to go slow. I like to time myself... (I don't slack and do a bad job cuz that WOULD BOTHER ME TOO... I do the job right... but in a hurried fashion) Burn baby Burn!!

Well folks... tomorrow is Monday (not Wednesday)
Have a happy and healthy day!
Love Always,


  1. I do that all the time, switch the days around! Its okay! Ah the painting! you need to have hubby paint that room! Kudos on the cleaning. The weather was so beautiful here not much of that got done :)

  2. Ouch! Soccer with men? You're tough!

  3. I love sports. You burn calories and have fun at the same time. Try to avoid those concussions if you can chica!

  4. Hey lady where ya been/ Miss ya. I left you an award on my blog

    I gave you an a award because what you write realy does make a difference.