The Beginning

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well..... I am in horrible shape..... Well was until I went to soccer tryouts today. I am in better shape than when I went lol. Actually I was huffing and puffing in the first 5 minutes...... And all we did was a small scrimmage. Normally we play full field. We played only about a 1/4th or less and ughhhhh. But as y'all know I've been working my exercise groove sooooooo.... I feel good things coming. Our first unofficial game is February 1st and the season starts feb 8th. I've got a few weeks to shape up a little.

A girl tried out today who was super fight, super fast, and is better than me at my own position. In fact she was bossing me around on the field and I'm like..... Who the heck are you?......... She's friends with the team captain and a definite shoe-in for the team. I need to work harder.

My ankle...... Woould you believe that in the last 10 minutes a girl hammered a ball right into the side of my ankle?!?!?!?! There was a shooting pain from my ankle all the way to my knee....... Good news it's not swollen and I can walk...... Bad news I started second guessing myself today. I don't want to bring the team down by being on the team. I started questioning if I was ready to take on this aggressive sport.... Let's face it last fall I sprained the ankle at the unofficial game..... And was out all but 3 games of the season..... And now I'm still having problems. I need the exercise and love the exercise but am I doing more harm than good in the long run. Oh and a new thing the coach said which I really like..... Practices are for techniques only..... Not fitness.... We need to work on our own conditioning on our own. A few of the practices last year were an hour and a half of conditioning and maybe 30 minutes of play. The girls even started skipping out on practices because we didn't get to do any ball work. My verdict..... Stick it out and keep working hard...... And lay off the pride.... We are a team for goodness sake.

Weight watchers day 3 accomplished. However even with the soccer I don't feel like I'm losing anything. I'm waiting to weigh-in on Wednesday. In fact I weighed in last Wednesday at home and I was 218 which is good I didn't gain, then I got to WW and the scale said 223.... I hate that but what can you do? So I am boycotting my own scale for a while and trusting in WW abilities to weigh me in.

Today I had an omelet for breakfast.... And then a Linner since soccer practice was all afternoon. I had sushi. I got my pointsplus values for it all and with the earned exercise points it made it great. However I was really hungry like an hour later...MSG anyone? I had a banana with a little peanut butter and the capped me about 5 hours ago. Still not hungry (should be sleeping). But Im not feeling any changes .... I know I know it's only been three days. Oh another thing I think I like is treating myself to my favorites on the weekend..... Within my daily allotted points of course. Yesterday I had Mexican and I had to make a whole lot of changes to what I normally eat. But all in all I'm really liking this so far.

Well Im gonna get some shut eye
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Holiday weekend for some (like me)
Love always,


  1. Just keep going, I'm the same way, I want to see instant results. Have a great weekend too!

  2. I think that you are doing an amazing job! I gave you a blog award on my page come and check it out!