The Beginning

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quick Update - more to come

Tomorrow starts my '50 days of fitness' program!!!!! I'm really psyched. I have a gym buddy who is 100% committed..... In 2004 we lost some serious weight together. So tomorrow is the kick off rally and we are gonna sit down with a calendar and plan out our 50 days and stick to it as best we can.

I went for soccer practice last week and I was contemplating whether or not my ankle was ready to handle it. Against my passion for soccer, I decided that it would be best to sit this season out and let my ankle fully heal instead of injuring myself more. (I think this is the biggest grown up decision I've ever had to make) I'm still going to fully exercise and take care of my ankle (unless it hurts obviously) but I know that it can't take the aggression of soccer right now. Let's face it I need to lose a couple of pounds too.

Weight watchers - still truckin along. I didn't post my first week weight loss because I was so upset that I gained a pound...... Well this week has been a horrible week, I ate a few choice things and made a few bad decisions and it's that TOM...... And low and behold I loss 5 lbs! I don't completely understand it. (Note to self: don't make this a habit.... In a normal week you would have gained 5!!)

Love the MTV Show use to be Fat
I'll post my schedule tomorrow
Everyone have a healthy and happy one!
Love Always,


  1. congrats on finding a fitness buddy! Especially one you know you can count on!

  2. Congrats on losing the 5 lbs! I know how great it feels when you see yourself shedding those pounds, its like, suddenly the scale becomes your friend rather that the dreadful bearer of bad news. That's awesome about your 50 day program - it would be awesome to know more about what you will be doing. I've been trying a raw food and rebounding combo - basically loads of raw vege dishes and freshly squeezed vege juice combined with jumping my butt of on a mini trapoline. The raw food part takes some getting used too, I am not on a 100% raw food diet, more like 70% but the mini trapoline exercises are easy because it's so fun. So far I have lost 8 pounds and hopefully thats just the begining! Good luck with your weight loss goals!