The Beginning

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keeping the weight at the forefront

Well I had my 14 year old cousin staying with me for almost 3 weeks. I really had a lot of fun. She has a vivacious personality. On a good note I was able to exercise with her. She is worried about her image as every teenage girl seems to be. So we got to go to the gym and we worked out at home. With that being said I went to the doctor today and I have gained 1.4 lbs in the past month... not bad (considering I cheated a lot of the way ... remember I had a 14 year old teenager with me) but not good.... because this is July and I feel that I am failing at my commitment to myself. So after doing a bit self-evaluation... I have decided to make a few changes... and some additions.

1) Keep going to the doctor weekly - Keeps me on track and focused. I like having a doctor supervise me as well... It makes me feel accountable, and if you remember from when I first began this blog... this has been my problem from the start.

2) I joined this weight-loss challenge - It actually starts on Friday for 9 weeks. Its $50 for the entire 9 weeks, and they have a money prize at the end of the 9 weeks for the top 3 winners. Which is nice... but I'm really doing it for the motivation. Also the people in the challenge will live near me, so maybe we can create a walking group.. or SCORE - MAYBE THEY ALL GO TO MY GYM!! Then I can have workout buddies.

3) Daily exercise - This is something I've always said... but never really followed through. My doctor wants me to do 20 minutes a day of walking, treadmill, or elliptical (heart rate at 136) and then 10 min a day of weight training.... alternating upper and lower body. This is so doable. So everyday I am going to pack a gym bag so that on my way home from work (or to work) I can get my workout in.

4) SOCCER - I love soccer so much... if you couldn't tell already. There is a summer session that ends at the end of AUG... and basically I will get to play twice a week. Then at the end of Aug I will hopefully make the woman's competitive soccer team (tryouts are July 16... oh crap that's in a few days .. where has the time gone?) I was also thinking about doing the Co-ED team as well (they play on different days).

5) Write everything down! - This is a no brainer... and I usually do well with this... but on my busy days I have a tendency to not write anything down and try to catch up at the end of the day. NO MORE... it truly doesn't take that much time to jot down what I'm eating and what time it is.

So far that's all I got.. but it's a pretty good start. You can also see how I'm trying to make weight-loss/healthy lifestyle.... the forefront of my mind. I feel this will aide me until I am strong enough to rely on myself (and be able to trust myself too).

Well I just finished lunch, so I'm gonna jot that down then it's off to work for me.
Hope everyone is doing well. I'm sorry I haven't been there for you.
Have a healthy and happy day!
Love Always,


  1. Hi, I came across your blog looking for weight loss blogs because I recently started one myself, 77 Endangered Pounds.

    I saw that you jot down what you eat as part of your method and I wanted to suggest a free App if you have an iPod or an iPhone that I've used and lost 28 pounds in the last 3 months. It monitors your caloric intake and can guide you to the right amount of intake to ensure you're losing weight consistently. The program is called LoseIt! and it's really great! And did I mention FREE? They also have an excellent forum when you login at where lots of people who use the program come, ask and answer questions and most importantly support each other. The app and the forum and my resolve have been the keys to my success.

  2. I stopped by your blog today. Congrats on your loss. It's good to find people on the same journey.
    Less of Me