The Beginning

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Road to Recovery

I'm still having a little trouble getting back on track. Today was the first day all month that I really felt good (Last day of the month... weird I know). I started getting things done today. I've been talking to my lil bro all day long. Seriously, I think we call each other a total of 6 or 7 times each! Usually he calls me for advice, and this time it was me. When did he mature? He's 2 years younger than me. While he was talking to me, I kept thinking.... dang when did he grow up.... I'm always the one telling him this sort of stuff. He really made me come to terms with my life being in a stand still right now. I'm moving forward baby!

Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments I got yesterday. I love blogging! I love my support group!
Well... the Insanity program is INSANE. I can really understand where it gets it's name from. But let me tell you.... it works. I can feel it. At times it does feel like I'm totally not qualified to do it... but I'm working on building up so that I can complete an entire workout.

Well, this is just short and sweet tonight!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!
Love Always,


  1. Congrads! I did Tae Bo yesturday and was almost in tears! I finished but it definately was hard. When I get back to work I want to try the insanity system! I am so happy you are back on track. Us bloggers love ya!

  2. That makes two of girl!! :) but I believe we can DO THIS! woooooot. Let's start the month out FABULOUSLY!

  3. I need to get Insanity. I hear all kinds of good stuff about it.

  4. I hope this month is very productive! It's never easy to get back on track but get there and keep moving forward.