The Beginning

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I know that I have been really distant. But don't think for a second that I have been slacking off. I've actually revved up into like 8th gear and have really been burning calories. I'm packing for my business conference... however... I will be gone an entire 2 weeks. I've got a plan... and this time... NO DONUTS... lol.

I'm flying so I won't have to worry about a long drive with horrible choices. I'm really pumped about my exercise routine. Since I've been moving around so much (I literally have been cleaning the house from top to bottom) I haven't been doing my INSANITY workouts. Have no fear though... I am bringing them along.

We have a beautiful country side property with tons of acres (I think I will upload some pictures when I get back) so I have my planned workout which will take me 25 minutes to complete. I am also bringing my elastic band weight (?) I don't know the actual name so I will include a picture:
(I don't know who the girl is.... but totally digging her arms!)
These are awesome. I mean free weights are great, but these bands add resistance, and you can tote them around anywhere you go! I have 2 with different resistances (I bought them at Walmart, Target carries them too). So I've got that... and I'm also going to do sprints. I've been playing soccer and I want to work on improving my sprints as well as begin to build endurance and stamina.

I'll keep you posted as time goes by on how I'm doing. The nice thing about getting away... is I'll have a lot of extra free time. Well I still have quite a bit of paper work and I have to design badges for the conference... and it's 3am.... (story of my life)... oh yeah, and I gotta finish packing. Fun Stuff.

I hope everybody has a healthy and happy Thursday!
Love Always,


  1. Sounds like a great plan!! Have a good time!!

  2. Great plan, and I am glad I read this. I am starting a new job in two weeks, and i will be traveling a lot at first. I will need a good plan to take along with me as well. Thanks! Good luck, and keep us posted.


  3. Those bands are great for traveling! They make your muscles work differently compared to free weights. Maybe I should start using them again.

  4. Like the stretchy band thing. Think I'll get myself one of those. Hope the conference goes well!!!