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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I have missed you!

Seriously, I missed blogging. I went on my trip to Arkansas to visit my family and I don't have internet out there (we don't spend enough time at the house to turn it on). I went out a few times to my brothers and used his internet.... but It was a bit slower... and I gave up after the 2nd day. It wasn't until I was on the plane ride home that it suddenly dawned on me that I could write on my iphone and post it.... (yes even though I'd like to think I'm on top of all this technology.... there are times when I flash back to the 20th century....) So on the plane I pulled out my iphone and wrote down my thoughts....

And it goes something like this:

"Well I'm sitting on the plane mid flight on my way back to Florida and I'm just so motivated to get home and get started back into a routine. I didn't get the chance to write this week while I was away due to the fact that I have to go to my brothers or to Starbucks or somewhere with free wifi.

I've been thinking a lot though. I have an aunt that is 300 maybe pushing 350. And as we all have she always says that she has tried everything and nothing will work. She has been approved for the gastric weight loss surgery and will probably go through the procedure in the next couple of months. It amazes me to no end, don't get me wrong I love this women, but I can't stand her habits. See we come from a family that really appreciates buffets.... Now of course it's because there is variety for everyone..... And it is also kinder on the ole pocket when it comes to dishing out the moola. However it has never been a good decision because of the quantity of food. My family eats. And let me tell you it doesn't matter if they are skinny or heavy set.... They can pack it in. In the past year since I've been making over my eating habits I go to these places and I'm amazed at what I use to eat. It's glutenous I tell ya.Well today we ate at a buffet before we left town and I'm just watching my aunt packing it in. And as I said before it really amazes me to no end that she is the way she is. I know people that have gone through the gastric bypass surgery lost an amazing amount of weight..... And then they are on their way back up!! I'm not dissing the surgery, it's a personal decision for everyone. One of the things I dislike about it is that although it is helpful and life changing, I'm seeing more and more people using it as a quick fix and not changing their behaviors. Therefore people never truly treat the real problem and go back to their old life styles. They begin to eat sugar again and eating more than the certain amount of ounces allotted..... Stretching out their already smaller stomach. I'm afraid for her. She's asked me in the past my opinion and I've told her all this, however I'm not sure that it ever sank in. Almost like a kid begging for a new puppy "I promise I'll clean up after it and walk it everyday" .... A month or so later you'll see that the parents have gained new responsibilities. I want the best for my aunt but I hope that she sees the work it's gonna take to keep herself healthy.
My father keeps calling me by her name on accident. I'm really starting to find it offensive. They weren't ever that close.... And so I feel that he does it because he looks at me and sees me fat and he looks at her and sees fat also. It bothers me so much. This has gone on for about a year now. I was thinking the other day "hmm I wonder who he'll confuse me with when I lose more weight, jillian michaels lol"

I've been reading this magazine called 'off the couch' it's an Oxygen Magazine collectors issue. They publish it once a year. This thing has got me motivated. I'm going to write about stuff in it over the next few weeks. I like to keep my posts short and sweet..... Not like a book."

Well... that's where I finished because we were landing. I wanted to post this because it had a lot of deep thoughts. I am really excited and motivated. I will be posting more and more each day out of the magazine... it has inspired deeper thinking and hopefully it will have you, my reader, becoming inspired and motivated as well. 

Other news.... I got sick over the past week and I checked my blood glucose level and it was higher than I would like it to be. Good news.... it dropped from 300 to 170 in a matter of a 6 hours... I'm going to check it again in the morning. I know that being sick, and other monthly pains can cause it to spike.... but I also know that having 1 1/2 cups of rice the night before didn't help either (rice is a 'sugar spiker' for me).

Last thing for the night: My mom and I got to see Dave Ramsey Live (Debt Guru). He came to Orlando at the beginning of November. It was a real treat. So she mastered a plan to go a whole month without shopping (with the exception of grocery shopping... strictly food only.... in fact she usually shops at Target... and she is going to another grocery store that has just groceries so she doesn't have any temptation to buy anything non-food). She was thinking of also cutting out going to restaurants for the whole month. So..... starting tomorrow (Dec 1)... that is what I'm going to do. I think this will help me kick-start my healthy eating and get me on the road to where I need to be. It will also sock my system a bit, and help me focus on the right foods... before I go into the restaurants. In fact.... I eat out way too much. I usually grab lunch and dinner on the run. It's sad I know, and it's something that I have realized is a problem... and it needs to change.

Okay guys.... I will check in tomorrow!
Hope everyone has a healthy and happy Dec 1st!!!
Love Always,

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  1. Hey hun missed you here on the blogger sphere. And your right when you start to control your food intake it is amazing how much you were able to stretch your stomach. Glad your back