The Beginning

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Back (again)

Well... Vegas was such a success that I stayed there and just got back.... okay maybe that's a lie.
Let's see... After I got back from Vegas I was feeling pretty on top of the world. I tried out for a club soccer team and when I got back I immediately started practicing with them. We had our first pre-season game the following week. I was pretty proud of myself.... and then about 20 minutes into the game.... I twisted my ankle, heard the cracks.... so I came out of the game for a little while.. Well after about 20 minutes I didn't have any pain and it wasn't swelling so I went back in. A little history, I sprained my ankles so many times it's not even worth the time to count. I've always had week ankles (because I've always been bigger, although I'd like to think it's because I'm a really good aggressive player). So after the game..... we where sitting down taking off our gear and chatting about our game when my ankle started swelling up....Badly.

That weekend I went away with my hubby on a beach retreat weekend and couldn't do a single thing. So I got upset and depressed.... and started eating....

I thought I would only be benched for a week or so.... 7 weeks later I'm able to play in my first game. I was so upset because I was in horrible shape. Some of these girls didn't even know I was on the team, and I came to every game to support the team :o(

So now I am here. 

All 220 pounds of me. 

I didn't gain much weight... (good thing) ..... but I started filling out... and I feel bloated. 

My soccer team has a few more games this season and then they start back in January. I have decided that I need some desperate workout and training. So I am going to work on running a 5K. I'm going to do a couch 2 5K workout plan.

With that I shall leave you and go and read up on all my inspiring friends and see how everyone else's journey is going. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and update my info... and report on my efforts.
Have a healthy and happy day!


  1. Nice to have you back! I am sos orry to hear about yor ankle, I hope that it feels better soon. Yeah C25K I loved it and I now I am on to 10K, I can't believe it!

  2. Finish strong! Have a great rest of the soccer season and go ROCK that 5K training!