The Beginning

Thursday, August 05, 2010

A quick update

Well... I am 5 days away from Vegas! It's all actually hitting me now... and it looks like I will be doing laundry and cleaning all weekend long (at least I have a reward at the end!).

I went to the Doctor on Tuesday... and... and... and... I lost more weight :o) I am now 213.6 Whooo... hoo... I'm really psyched. For the longest I couldn't go below 217... I really wanted to be 200 by the time I leave for Vegas... but I will settle for under 210 :o) 

Last year I went to Vegas for a week, and I came back 10 lbs lighter. I had a routine there and I stayed on point with my eating. So that's the plan this time. Every morning I had a mushroom omelet with a little cheese sprinkled on the top. I ate small things through out the day, and I had a nice lovely dinner.

Also last year the week after I returned from Vegas, I lost another 10 pounds... bringing me down to 193. So... whoever is in charge of this weight loss thing.... I want that again... Thank you :o)

I just wanted to check in and let you guys know my good news.
Hope everyone is havin' a healthy and happy one!
More Lata,


  1. How wonderful! Keep it up! What are you doing in Vegas?

  2. I'm so glad that I came across your blog. It's good to see another person who finds it important to stay fit and healthy. I have lost over 125 lbs. myself and will be featured in the November 2010 issue of Shape magazine. This is VERY exciting for me! Anyway, my blog is located at if you'd like to check it out. I added your blog to follow, so feel free to follow mine as well. I look forward to reading more of your journey. Take care! <3 Laura

  3. You're doing really well.. Great news on the extra few pounds of weight loss.

    You, just like I have a pretty big goal in mind. Just wanted to post something positive, to help you rally to the finish line!

    You're doing awesome, and just like I know I will, you too will achieve your goal.