The Beginning

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 13

Well I'm still here at the hospital. They started me on a liquid diet yesterday and they may start me on food tomorrow. Once I have food they will monitor me for a few days and then send me home :o)

In the past 13 days I have had less than a cup of food. Besides getting better, the only other nice thing is that I know that I have definitely lost weight. For the next few weeks my diet needs to be liquids, soups, and very low fat foods. What a way to get me a head start lol.

Thanks for the comments
I'll keep ya posted.
Have a healthy and happy day!
Love Always


  1. Hope that you can come home soon.

  2. Oh I know how much liquid diets suck but it will definitely help you lose weight. And more so hopefully it will let your body do what it needs for your recovery. Heal quickly

  3. Hope you recover quickly :)